Faster, Smarter, Bolder: Design Powered by AI

As a 3D motion designer and creative director, I harness the power of AI in this projects to unlock impactful visuals and deliver measurable business results for my clients.

AI influencer

Influencer 1 – Cara life style model

  • As a creative director, I was tasked with helping a client achieve their marketing and business goals through the creation of an AI-powered influencer named Cara, a influential lifestyle model. By leveraging Cara’s unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level, we were able to effectively promote the client’s marketing products, resulting in a significant increase in brand awareness, which ultimately led to customer lifetime value. This project demonstrates my expertise in harnessing the power of AI to achieve real-world marketing and business objectives.

AI influencer

Influencer 2 – Eva Product expert




Social Media – Stock image and product placement

Mascot Creation